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Fuel Flow Bench

The Dyno Shop’s

Fuel Flow Bench is Equipped with features such as:

  • (engine) rpm
  •  2 x flow sensors
  • 3 x pressure sensors (250psi max)
  • full data log and computer system

Basic Fuel Flow

  • Free Run (Zero to 10,000rpm run- no pressure, “pumps potential”)
  • STD test Zero to 10,000rpm (Zero to 10,000rpm run, with pressure set at 100psi @8,000rpm,)
  • Pump Health test (8,000rpm with Zero psi, up to 180psi)
  • Price: $150 inc

Receive a full printout of each graph at std increments.

Full System Test

  • testing manifold, Hat, Port nozzles, Barrel valve, Check valves, regulators, and pump
  • Observe how your system actually operates in a controlled environment
  • 2 flow points available
  • Pump, Lo Speed  and High Speed pressure points
  • Price: from $500 (depending on complexity and customer requirements)

Receive a full Printout of each graph. Be involved and gain a better understanding.

Orifice flow

  • Nozzles Pills, Jets
  • Calibrate or re-calibrate
  • Flow
  • Peak flow “max out”
  • Price: $50 + $3.00/piece)

Receive spread sheet with sizes against flow figures.

Please Note:

All tests can be modified to suit your needs.

Commonly problems associated:

  • pressure rises and  flow begins to slow
  • pressure and flow reach a peak (below the pumps required ability)
  • pressure increases and flow decreases
  • pulsing (makes it impossible to get any reading, should not be used in engine)

A pump can be used even if it shows any of the above symptoms. Knowing the characteristics allows you to compensate with setup.

The graph shows a “Pump STD test”

  • You see an example of why you can no longer rely on the old method of reading gauges and writing them down
  • The cursor is set, with pressure set at the standard of 100 PSI @8000 RPM
  • With this pump flow and RPM are linear, but when the pressure approaches 100PSI the flow begins to drop off (it is still considered a good pump)
  • The bar has been raised in the blown alcohol game where 8,000 RPM is no longer within a competitive range. we are commonly seeing engines push 10,000 RPM and thus the fuel systems should be tested there.